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Battle Ground Academy News

Students Emulate the Art of Alma Woodsey Thomas to Celebrate Black History Month
In celebration of Black History Month, students explored the struggles and character of African-American Abstract Expressionist artist, Alma Woodsey Thomas.  Lower School artists observed many of Alma’s pieces, what inspired her, and what mediums and/or tools were needed for her to create her artwork. 

Kindergarten was inspired by Alma’s art entitled Watusi and created beautiful, unique paper collages.

First graders were inspired by Alma’s art entitled Take Me to the Moon and created paper collage landscapes using warm and cool colors.  

2nd Graders were inspired by Almas’ art entitled Earth, Sermon, Beauty, Peace and Love. Artists used tempera sticks to layer their colored tiles in a vertical format.  

Third Graders were inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas’ artwork New Galaxy and painted their own galaxies by painting colored tiles in a vertical format.  

Fourth grade artists were inspired by Alma’s painting entitled, Resurrection and created colorful radial designs using tempera paint.